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About I Buy Old Tonka Trucks

I love old toys. I began collecting and selling vintage toys several years ago, and I love to discover sets I haven't before seen in person.

If you have a vintage Tonka Truck or set of trucks that would like to sell, please send a photo of the trucks to

We pay higher rates than dealers! If you are unable to send a photo of your Tonka Trucks, please send me a description of which truck(s) you have and their condition, and I will provide you with an estimated value. I only buy mint and excellent condition Tonka Trucks and Tonka Truck sets. If you have a mint or excellent condition Tonka Truck or Tonka Truck set, it may be worth up to $1,000! If you have the original box of the toy, the value is higher!

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Do You Have Tonka Trucks to Sell?

If you have Tonka Trucks to sell, please contact me at and I will respond to you ASAP. When possible, please send a photo of the truck(s) you wish to sell. For a complete listing of Tonka Trucks that I am currently searching for, please visit the Wanted page.

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